LOVE Nova Scotia is a violence prevention and intervention organization that works with youth who have experienced violence.

At LOVE, we address violence as something that is learned and cyclical, working with victims, perpetrators, and witnesses. LOVE youth have defined violence as “anything that hurts,” which allows us to address a broad range of issues within our programs. This includes mental health issues, poverty, homelessness, involvement in the justice system, racism, addictions, self-harm, suicidal ideation, abuse, sexual violence, bullying/cyberbullying, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and any other concerns our youth bring to our attention.

The goal of LOVE’s programs is to provide youth who have experienced violence with the skills, support and confidence they need to make positive and healthy life choices, and develop into strong, independent leaders.

Youth are referred to LOVE through social workers, judges, probation officers, teachers, guidance counselors, parents, peers, and health care and mental health professionals.

``I learned to be more confident in myself with social skills, talking more, not being shy when meeting new people and have more confidence in my writing. I also learned to love myself ...and get to know myself. ``